Concrete Pools

We can build any size and shape pool you can imagine!  We offer professional advise regarding the position, size, shape and finish of your pool and take your budget into consideration.  We have a range of shape templates to help trigger your creative side ensuring you are satisfied with your final decision.

 We want to help you make a informative decision when making such a big investment for yourself and generations to come.


Take a look at the facts below.

  • VERY customized shape or size not offered in the fiberglass line. An example of this would be an "L" shaped pool or a pool wider than 16'.

  • DEEPER than 8'. This would be because you've decided on a very springy diving board and you want to be able to do many tricks and unique dives off said board.

  • You are not concerned with expensive repairs down the road.

  • You are not concerned with the maintenance time you spend with the pool on a weekly basis.

  • You are trying to create a complete nature scape. In other words, you want the pool to have many natural rock features, grottos, possibly a 'pond' appearance, etc. (Although one may argue fiberglass pools can look very natural, I still have yet to see a natural masterpiece as I have seen many times with some very high-end gunite projects.)

  • You are looking for a beach entry. (There are a few fiberglass pools with something similar to a beach entry, but it's still not quite the same design you'll find in a concrete pool.)

  • You are NOT concerned with concrete's roughness on your feet. (I've had second-time pool owners choose fiberglass simply because their concrete pool tore up their children's feet too much. This is pretty standard with most concrete/gunite pools.)

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