Pumps & Filters

Unfortunately pools long out last the lifetime of their original pump and filter.  To keep your filtration system functioning effectively and to keep your water clean and at hygienic levels it might become necessary to replace it.  Should your filtration and pump system be outdated or not functioning as required it can be replaced with new more energy efficient systems.  Filter sand is the kidney of your pools filtration system and it is extremely important to have your filter sand changed every second year.  This will ensure that the filtration system functions at its best, the traditional silica sand can be replaced with a longer lasting glass pack filtration.

 We have a pump specialist in our team that is able to service your swimming pool pump and only fix the needed parts to resolve the issue., thus it is not so hefty on your wallet. Or replacing it giving you total piece of mind with a two year warranty included

Swimming Pool Pump

Pumps & Filters

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