About Aquanite Pools

We are able to assist you no matter how big or small you think the problem might be.  Our personal attention gives us the edge.  Each project is supervised and inspected, ensuring we deliver the best possible quality.  Swimming pools often is the place where family and friends meet for a braai.

Let us make your swimming pool flawless and something to be proud of again!

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Our Process

Our process is simple and reliable. With no extra fuss, you're project will be done in no time!

On-site Consultation

We will arrange an appointment with you to have a look at what is going on. Here we will find all the information we need to provide you with a quotation.


Repairs or Construction Estimate

Next we will create a estimate on whatever findings we had, or on the renovations/ design.

We have a variety of products and choices in every aspect of pool designing/ repairs. 


Pre-project advice & explanations

In this stage we will explain to you exactly what our findings were, why we address them as well as what needs to be done next. 

We will share our expert knowledge on decisions that needs to be made regarding a certain issue. With us you are never alone. Advice is always free. 


Let The Project Begin

This is the final and most vital stage, the actual building/ repairing. This is where our expertise comes in.
We have a very specialized way of doing certain repairs and renovations that has proven to last, due to its quality . We are permanently striving to increase our quality and service more & more. 

Our Quality Guarantee

Aquanite Pools was started back in 2006. The owner, Johan Dreyer started this business because he felt that the swimming pool industry lacked reliable, personalized and honest service.


Quality, professional & speedy service, reliability and trust is the way to a successful swimming pool business. For 15 years, we kept that promise and there is no plan of changing it any time soon.


Over the years we experienced a lot of clients that trusted someone, and they disappeared with their money. We strive to prove to everyone one out there that not all swimming pool contractors are a fraud, and that Aquanite Pools can change your whole perspective. 


We strive to keep out clients calm & happy. It's our number one priority throughout the whole process. 


We love helping others out and we know that sometimes you just need someone to talk too. We promise to give you free, expert advice on ANY questions regarding swimming pools. It can be anything from how to switch on the light too confirming another contractor's processes. We won't judge, just confirming that your hard earned money isn't going down the drain and that in 10 years time your pool would change in too a sink hole. 


We are here to help. Give us a call and we'll happily advise. 


We are commercially, well known. We proudly worked with The Kingdom Resort, Weavers Roost Resort, Casta Diva Hotel Resort and many more.

Create your dream pool.
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