Let us build your dream pool...

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Concrete Pool Construction

We can build any size and shape pool you can imagine!  We offer professional advise regarding the position, size, shape and finish of your pool and take your budget into consideration.  We have a range of shape templates to help trigger your creative side ensuring you are satisfied with your final decision.

Fiberglass Shell Pool Installation

We offer a range of pre-moulded fiberglass shell pools from big to small!  This makes the decision making process regarding shape and size a bit easier and offers the same durability as a concrete pool. 

Complete Renovation, Re-lining, LARGE or small repairs

We offer you a all in one solution! From small repairs to major renovations and anything in between!  We can remove and re-fit your current uneven paving or replace it for a more modern look. Replace your dull and sun-struck mosaics, re-line your fiberglass or marblelite finish to return it to its days of luster. Your pool should be an asset to your property and create a tranquil setting for you and your family to relax and enjoy.  You will be surprised how a few changes can transform your dull backyard into paradise! 


When your surface becomes porous your pool looks dirty regardless of how well it is maintained.

 It can result in scraped toes and unhappy faces. You can choose to re-line your pool with marblelite 

or fiberglass. 

Add new detail

Add new mosaics and a new lighting system that compliments your pool. 

Change exterior finish

Its amazing what new paving around your pool can do. There is a wide variety if tiles and paving cobbles available.  Choose something practical that features longevity.


You might have a pool that is not completely satisfying your needs, it might be too big or too small. It is possible to reduce or enlarge your current pool to give you a more enjoyable feature or maintainable size. It can be done!

Solar Heating, Heat Pumps and Solar Blankets

Do you feel that you are not fully enjoying your pool due to the chills it sends up your spine?  We have various solutions to increase the enjoyment of your pool.  With implementation of the correct heating system we can extend your swimming season and make your pool more enjoyable!

Chlorinators & Pool Cleaners

Is the maintenance of your pool getting the best of you?  We have a range of new and more effective pool cleaners and leave catchers to keep your pool swim ready all year. Chlorinators can be fitted to eliminate the use of chemicals reducing the impact on your skin, wallet and the environment.

Pumps & Filters and Sand Changes

Unfortunately pools long out last the lifetime of their original pump and filter.  To keep your filtration system functioning effectively and to keep your water clean and at hygienic levels it might become necessary to replace it.  Should your filtration and pump system be out-dated or not functioning as required it can be replaced with new more energy efficient systems.  Filter sand is the kidney of your pools filtration system and it is extremely important to have your filter sand changed every second year.  This will ensure that the filtration system functions at its best, the traditional silica sand can be replaced with a longer lasting glass pack filtration.

Safety Nets

Fitting a safety net to your pool is one of the most important things to do! Nothing is as bad as having a child drown or come near drowning during a fun family visit with family or friends. Please consider this as an investment in safety and lets get your pool net fitted!

Irrigation, Jo-Jo Tank & Pump installations

We can help with keep your garden in park like conditions. Install a irrigation system to take the hassle out of watering your lawn and flower beds.

Safe up on rainwater and join this as the water source of your irrigation system by installing a Jo-Jo tank and pump system.