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Fibreglass is a sheet called strand mat, fibreglass is a strong light weigt material.

Water is drained from swimming pool,  a groove grinded  under the bull nose/copings and around weir aswell as a groove chiziled around the light and aimflows. Poool is then swept and acid washed  for a clean and algy free surface. Laminating resin is applied. +- A square of Stand mat (40grams), now followed by another layer of laminating resin. A  special resin product  is used to fill up all the groove's this is enables a double lock on possible leaks on a fibreglass swimming pool. The whole pool gets sanded lightly to ensure no sharp edges. Area where mosaics would be placed is now painted by the chosen colour of your swimming pool, mosaics are now placed around top edge of pool and also on steps with use of a clear flow coat. Rest of pool is now painted with flow coat in the colour of your choice. Pool can be filled within 5 days. 

This prosess is normally finished within 5 working days (due to wheather restrains this can not be garuanteed)


- Low maintanace, due to smoother surface.

- Easier to repair.

- Adds strenght to your construction.


- Slightly more expensive than marbelite.

- Prosess a bit longer than marbelite.


Marbelite is a cement based product , coloured marble plaster. It is designed for application on concrete pool shells.

Pool is drained, then pool is cleaned and acid washed. The whole pool gets chipped to ensure proper bonding between exicting marbelite/cement and new layer of mareblite. Next Slurry is applied, slurry is a mix of bonding liquid and marbelite wich ensures proper bonding. If mosaics are replaced, excisting moasaics are removed, and a new layer of plaster is applied on area where moasaics would be fitted moasaics is then placed on the new belt of plaster. If moasaics is not removed the same process is followed on the rest of the pool, but a trainangler groove is grinded just underneath the excisting moasaics so that existing moasaics and marbelite bond propperly. The folowing day marbelite is applied by hand, this process takes about 3 to 4 hours.  

Pool can be filled the day after marbelite is applied.

This process takes about 5 working days ( due to wheather restrictions this can not be gauranteed)


- Marbelite is cheaper than Fibreglass


- Not as strong as Fibreglass

-  We can not ensure a 100% smooth surface, but we do offer to sand those areas after 6 months (please remember that the water is on clients acount)